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We believe going above and beyond is just part of the job. Our team is committed to our clients’ needs and providing you with the best fit candidates in the most efficient way possible. That is our first priority. We understand that growing a successful company starts with building a strong foundation of quality talent. We supply all types of technical or highly skilled professional in Engineering and Information Technology. Contact us today and discover how we can help you achieve success.

Our Speciality Areas

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Digital Design Engineers, Firmware/Hardware Engineers, Board Level Design Engineers, Power Electronics Engineers, Analog Design Engineers, Avionics Engineers, Cable & Harness Design Engineers, Electrical Controls Engineers, PLC/Robot Programmers, RAMS Engineers, System Engineers, Test Engineers (ATE, EMI/EMC, V&V), RF Engineers, IC Mask Layout

Mechanical Engineering and CAD Design

Mechanical Engineers, CAD Designers, Electro-Mechanical Engineers, Stress Analysts (Structural, Thermal, Shock/Vibe, Fatigue, DADT), CFD Engineers, Structural & Civil Engineers, Project Engineers, Manufacturing/Quality Engineers, Industrial & Facility Engineers, NC/CNC Programmers, Technical Writers

Software Engineering and IT/IS

Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Embedded Systems Developers, Systems Administrators, OS Internals Developers, Visual Studio Developers, Database Administrators, Java Developers, DSP Engineers, GNC Engineers, Business Analysts, Application Engineers, SQA Analysts, Software Test Engineers, Database Developers, Unix/Linux Engineers, Info-/Cyber-Security Engineers, and specialists in ERP, MES, PLM, CRM, BI and Data Management.

Our Services

Technical Staff Augmentation

Advanced Technology Innovation, Corp. (Advanced Technology) specializes in supplying technical professionals in Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, CAD/CAM/CAE Technologies, Manufacturing, IS/IT, Technical Publications, Testing/Quality Assurance, Design/Drafting, and many other disciplines. Advanced Technology responds to the human capital needs of its clients all over the United States with professional consultants experienced in countless technical disciplines. Our commitment to hard work and ethics, and our timely, accurate responsiveness to your needs will help you fulfill your project and departmental goals and milestones.

Advanced Technology specializes in the sourcing, screening, recruitment, selection and placement, both temporary and permanent, of engineering and design expertise for all types of Commercial, Military, Industrial and Government Production customers located throughout the U.S. and Canada. The efforts of the entire recruiting/customer service staff are targeted toward supplying organizations that face the following challenges:

Very hard-to-find, specialized skill sets that are scarce and/or in high demand;Projects with little ramp up time requiring large numbers of highly skilled personnel on an immediate basis;
Operations located in remote areas far from a local supply of highly skilled labor
Flexible Payroll and Service Plan

Purpose of the Flexible Payroll Service Plan The Flexible Payroll Service Plan provides a low cost, no-risk method of technical staff augmentation, when skilled professionals cannot, for whatever reason, be hired as permanent staff at the present time. Our Flexible Payroll Service Plan is a low cost, convenient option that avoids the legal risks of co-employment.

Flexible Payroll Service Plan Summary Advanced Technology offers a special Flexible Payroll Service Plan for your company. The plan provides for a flexible and convenient method of bringing on additional resources when funding or headcount will not permit a permanent hire. The Flexible Payroll Service Plan can be used to hire contractors as Advanced Technology payrollees.

Retained Search

Retained Search vs. Contingency Search Many of the firms working on a contingency basis take a volume only approach, bombarding you with candidates and farming the opening out to scores of other firms since it is a no-cost proposition for them to tier it out through several levels. The first layer will always be guaranteed a payoff if one of the reams of candidates get selected. This can be a messy process where multiple firms who received the co-broked order contact the same candidates. The biggest drawback to a contingency type search is that since firms stand a small chance of filling the opening with the common “lottery” approach, they will often add the contingency order to a pile of numerous other contingency orders, none of which receive the full, intensive focus they need.

Our Approach to Retained Search In a retained search, we will dedicate internal resources exclusively to filling your position. Focusing exclusively on your position creates opportunity cost for us. Your commitment to a retained search shows us a level of commitment on your part to actually fill the position, rather than just gathering resumes to test the waters.

When you retain us it is an exclusive listing, and one third of our fee is paid up front, before we begin the search. We will work full time on filling your position and will perform intensive market research in doing so. Upon presentation of the results of our market research, the next one third of our fee will become due. We will only collect the remaining one third of our fee if you select a candidate we have presented and that candidate accepts your offer.

Executive Search

We treat executive search as a rigorous, highly specialized management consulting technique. We use a unique, systematic, disciplined approach to source, screen and present the most qualified candidate.

We generally take the following steps during an executive search:

1. Situation Analysis

2. Pre-Engagement Discussions

3. Creation of Position Specifications

4. Intensive Market Research

5. Candidate Screening

6. Interview Process

7. Candidate Presentation

8. Reference /Background Checks

9. Negotiations & Offer

10. Culmination of Search

11. Post-Search Wrap-Up


At times businesses must make tough decisions regarding headcount and workforce allocation. In some cases, economic conditions leave firms with no choice but to lay off valued employees. Regardless of how a company chooses to handle a layoff, Advanced Technology believes that offering our valuable outplacement services to those laid off will yield positive financial benefits and emotional support to the displaced employees, thereby helping morale for your corporate community.

Advanced Technology can assist employees to cope with their emotional unrest and anxiety by shoring up their self-confidence, identifying their strengths, targeting their areas of expertise and giving them a feeling of self-worth. Our outplacement program can represent a valuable element in an effective severance package.

Advanced Technology will guide corporate and individual clients through the transitional process by providing expertise including the following:

Career Counseling & PlanningJob Search Methodology
Professional Resume DevelopmentInterviewing Techniques
Selecting & Starting a New Job
HR Consulting Services

Advanced Technology understands that developing and maintaining human capital is the cornerstone of consistent growth and profitability. In order to support your human capital needs, Advanced Technology can provide a wide range of Human Resources Consulting services designed to bolster and support your internal HR function.

Supplying Recruiters and HR Personnel Advanced Technology can supply highly qualified personnel needed to carry out critical human resources functions such as staffing, benefits administration, immigration and other issues.

Vendor Qualification, Selection and Management Advanced Technology can save you significant sums of money by weeding out ineffective sources or those sources that are grossly overpriced yet add little value for their increased cost.

Custom Services Our custom services target crucial areas for increasing productivity and competitiveness, improving working conditions, and consequently reducing turnover and increasing longevity. Our flexibility in offering you a menu of services allows you to engage us for no more than you need.

Employee Polling and Surveys

Advanced Technology recognizes that employers need to understand the issues affecting employee morale or productivity. We can augment your understanding of employee opinion and morale by gathering the information you need in a streamlined, confidential manner. Our poll and survey results can pave the way for new policies, procedures and programs to improve employee perceptions, morale and productivity, all of which will improve your bottom line. Advanced Technology can deliver customized polls and surveys based upon your specific needs. We will help you develop relevant questions, interpret the results, identify strengths, and assist you in creating strategies to seize opportunities for improvement.

Engineering Services

Advanced Technology can source and assemble a team of engineers or other professionals to suit your needs. This frees you up from the time commitment of reviewing and screening reams of candidates. Advanced Technology also understands that in other cases there may be internal policies, procedures or other corporate issues that prohibit you from getting the resources you need, at the time you need them, from the suppliers that have those resources available on an immediate basis. For this reason, Advanced Technology is amenable to offering our services on an “engineering services” basis, a project basis, a fixed price basis or any other basis.

Our Commitment To You

We are committed to identifying and recruiting personnel on a nationwide basis.

We maintain a team of competent, seasoned, highly trained staff of recruiters and account managers who identify the best candidates through their established networks, a massive database of electronically stored resumes, extensive contractor referrals, targeted industry searches, and creative internet recruiting strategies all tailored to your business needs. Each employee of Advanced Technology will be carefully screened, interviewed and referenced checked to your standards prior to employment. We can perform and tailor a background check and drug screen to specific criteria as well as having insured capability to process a security clearance for classified projects. The key to our success is based on our comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs and the ability to fulfill those needs with the best qualified resources today!

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